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Judges Comment

This metropolitan panorama has a very natural quality to it (though it may not have been a simple or single capture?). The interspaced colored buildings draw the eye through from one side to the other and play off the color in the sky. Nicely done!

Photographers Comment

M240 35mm, multiple images stitched together. Taken from the roof top of the much recommended 60 SoHo Hotel in NYC. Really nice staff, let me use the roof although it was closed, it helped that the Ukrainian concierge was a photo buff himself. The images were taken at sunrise, which explains the color variation across the sky and the buildings. The intent here was to render an image that conveys a sense of Babylon, a city that extends as far as the eye can see with color variation guiding the eye through the cityscape. For more on my photography, images and musings on the subject go to: