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Judges Comment

Beautiful panoramic shot of a beautiful view. You have captured that magic moment of morning light perfectly. This photograph’s depth comes from the foreground vegetation which frames the clouds which in turn frame the volcanoes. It is tricky composing a panoramic shot, you have done well.

Photographers Comment

Yvan Rochat, from Switzerland. I thank you very much for the mark of excellence! This landscape is in Indonesia, East of the Java island, at 2'800 m above see level. We were freezing from 4 am with my wife and our 2 girls of 4 and 6 year old. Thanks to their patience, I could make this pano with the best possible light. A nice scenery of the Bromo Volcano, to share with a crowed of photographers. One of the difficulty was to keep the tripod stable as we were packed and squeezed against a fence. It was nevertheless worth the hassle, as we now have a nice memory of this unique landscape.