Dog Photo Competition 6 2013
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

this is a very unique image that stands out by its composition, tonal conversion and its geometric simplicity. i notice it was entered in the previous Dog Photo Competition and somehow was missed. SO worth submitting again! i think my only suggestion with this image would be a very slight crop so that the weight of the pier brace on the left was not as heavy. i would suggest trying it with equal width as the one on the right side of the frame, or to even eliminate it all together (although then i would be filling that space with sky and water so as not to compromise the successful crop you already have). this latter crop/cloning suggestion would give more breathing room for the dog as well as the free-standing upright pole in the lower left frame. however, this is just one person's opinion. nicely seen and captured. congrats! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

I´m really happy to be awarded the first prize, thank you. This photo was taken in the southern part of France, close to the Arcachon Bay. In this region life is oriented around oysters, and many of small boats you can see in the background are used for collecting oysters. The dog is curious about a boat coming in. It just stood there for a few moments so I was lucky to get this shot. It was taken a few years ago with a Nikon D200 and 70-200/2,8 VR. Postprocessed in LR 5. /Bengt Kallenberg (Gustavsberg, Sweden)