Dog Photo Competition 6 2013
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

the lines and unique low angle make this image stand out. the emotional pull of the little dog draws us in. nicely done! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank is Christian Silberbauer from Nutley, NJ. I was walking by and the dog ran up to the fence. I dropped my camera down low, snapped the pic, and the dog instantly went crazy barking at me. It was shot on film and happened so fast, I really didn't think I had anything. It was a pleasant surprise once the film was processed. Interestingly there is a woman bent over gardening right behind the dog, who you can just barley make out. I was amazed to see the that the low angle on the dog had virtually framed her out of the shot. This was shot on a 35mm Leica M7 and Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5. I don't remember the film stock used. Negatives were scanned into Lightroom and colors were lightly processed. See my other photos at: