Premium Competition 2011 Q3
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

Lovely black and white photograph. The reflections and a person stepping out of a building to the left make this photo a great photo.

Photographers Comment

I took this photo outside a popular chain of coffee shops. It had started raining a few minutes prior and these ladies were out their way out. I stepped outside and intuitively captured this photo as the way the light was dancing off of the pavement caught my eye. I made 2 frames and this one was the better of the two. This photo was made with a Leica M9+CV 50/1.1 in Kansas City, MO in July 2011. My name is Reinhard Lampano and I'm an amateur photographer and Leica enthusiast. I currently serve in the United States Air Force stationed in Kansas. My motivation to shoot people in everyday situations was inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank with influences from modern day street photographers, Chris Weeks and Frank Jackson, et al. In an interview 4 years before Cartier-Bresson’s passing, PBS’ Charlie Rose asked him, “Why photography”? HCB quipped, “…because it’s quicker than drawing”. Check out more of my photos at