Premium Competition 2011 Q3
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

The balance in this photo, the cleanliness with which the nature seem to have been prepared for the people to enjoy and join into this photo ... that is what makes it interesting. A moment captured just in the minutes before life starts unfolding - it gives us as the viewer possibility to contribute with ideas about what will happen.

Photographers Comment

Everyone calls me Kat and I live in Muncie, Indiana. I have been loving photography as an expression of my world for many years now. This very chilly, clear morning came after a heavy snow fall had been cleared and was just starting to melt. I went down to Morrows Meadow in Yorktown, IN, where I found everything covered in a beautiful shimmering coat made from an overnight of freezing fog. The morning light was perfect and the scene took me back to a time of splendor in the snow, a scene inviting you in to explore it more. I took this image just last year with a Sony A700. I used a 18-200 zoom at 30 mm and ISO200, 1/640s, f9 settings.