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Judges Comment

Congratulations on this first place, a beautiful picture of this jumping spider, everything is perfect in this picture, the sharpness is impeccable, the background is just beautiful, the composition is very good. well-deserved first place.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for this great honor. My name is Raed Ammari and I live in Colorado/USA. Jumping spiders are my favorite subject to photograph. This particular shot took me couple hours to finish, It's composed of 18 stacked photos. Stacking photos allows me to use wider aperture which in turn gives me a brighter field and a nice separation of the sharp subject from a creamy smooth background. I kept waiting for this Phidippus Carolinensis to settle in one spot to do the stack. It took a lot of patience as those little fuzzy guys are very active and keep jumping all over the place. Thank you again