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Judges Comment

Congratulations to the photographer for this brilliant winning image which captures the varied and juxtaposed emotions of city life. The viewer’s attention immediately drawn to bus is quickly redirected via it’s vanishing lines to the only fully visible face in the whole image. His downtrodden look is juxtaposed by the uplifted faces in the billboard directly above and behind though this may not be noticed on first glance. The viewers eye is pulled around through the image by the compositional elements to the fantastical faces in the movie poster top right before being drawn back to the real-life face of the bus driver which perhaps wasn’t seen at first. The composition continues to circle the viewers eye again and brings out more and more elements each time, deepening the connections. Excellent image, well captured!

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for the kind words and thank you for choosing my photo to be the first place winner of the 1 2017 City competition! There were so many amazing photos that were submitted by other great photographers as well. I am truly honored. I took this photo in Manhattan with my Fujifilm X-T1 camera along with the Fujifilm XF 18MM Lens. I have been doing photography for over 15 years and I am currently working hard on becoming a filmmaker. I could never afford to go to a film school but I believe that my knowledge of photography will help me better understand the art of filmmaking better. I really hope to one day show the world what I can do. Thank you once again!