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Judges Comment

Congratulations for this wonderful picture of this jumping spider. Everything is beautiful in this picture, the sharpness is perfect, the colors are beautiful, the composition is superb, the rear plane is very well managed. A photo I wish to take!!

Again congratulation for this very good work.

Photographers Comment

My name is Raed Ammari and I live in Denver/Colorado. It is such an honor to be recognized in this photo competition! In my photos I tend to combine macro shots with artistic composition by adding elements to the background and some colors and textures to the field still maintaining the natural feel. In this photo I cut a Kiwi fruit and guided the spider to stand on it until I finished my stack of around 12 shots (was a little bit frustrating :)). The kiwi formed a nice contrast with the spider's metallic green Chelicerae. I used a reversed kit lens on a Nikon D5100 and a diffused flash. Post processing was done in Adobe Photoshop CS6 using manual stacking, color adjustment and some burning and dodging. Thank you again[email protected]/