Premium Photo Competition 2022 2 : Entry Number 41

Judges Comment

2001 A space Oddesy arrived in the Netherlands or somewhere that looks slightly familiar, it seems. Strangely simple composition with elements of windmills, nature, agriculture and future.

Photographers Comment

Many thanks and congratulations to all the other winners! In fact, the intention with my picture was to use the mirror elements to focus on contrasts such as nature and animals vs. humans, fallow withered landscape vs. agriculture and ultimately also the future of our planet - I am very pleased that it was understood in the same way. The image is actually a photo in which I only made basic adjustments (colours, cropping etc.), no elements were added or removed afterwards. It was taken in Thuringia / Germany, near a small village there is this "Spiegelarche" - two mirrored shipping container stacked on top of each other. Taken with the Canon 5DMarkIII and the 35mm F1,4 DG HSM Sigma Art by Susanne Elendt.