Child Photo Competition 2020 No 4 : Entry Number 23

Judges Comment

What’s going on over there? We do not know. All we have is a group of happy laughing children, being focused on something. Looking at this photograph makes my heart feel warm. Lovely image!

Photographers Comment

I am Chris Woo from Hong Kong. This picture was taken with my Hasselbald 203FE, 80mm CFE lens, Kodak Portra 400, F5.6 @ 1/160, converted to B & W image in Lightroom after scanning with Epson V800 scanner. We were traveling in Madagascar and came across of a group of kids in the afternoon. My wife was showing her smartphone to them and she demonstrated how to play with selfie. The kids probably had not seen how a selfie looks like and all were laughing at their own image without any reservation!