Child Photo Competition 2019 No 1 : Entry Number 4

Judges Comment

Is this a waving of good bye or maybe a hello? The observer of this image is sitting on the bus and the priceless smile and piercing eye contact goes to our heart. These to children are obviously happy seeing the person, whoever this might be?

Photographers Comment

Taken by John Shingleton, Australian, living in Terrigal , NSW, Australia. Photo taken in Bidiyah, a desert town in central Oman, in December 2018. I were driving through the town in a 4WD when I spotted a group of small children waving to us. I asked the driver to stop so I could take some photos- which were not special. Then as we pulled away I spotted these two small children running after us. I was sitting in the passenger seat beside the driver and luckily my window was still wound down. I did not have time to put my camera to my eye or frame the scene on the LCD so I just held the camera out of the window and hoped. I was using my Leica Q which focused really quickly on the children. The photo was far from straight which I corrected in Lightroom and it is a crop equivalent to about a 46mm lens.