Child Photo Competition 2019 No 1 : Entry Number 2

Judges Comment

One of the elements that I enjoy as an I-Shot-It photo judge is, that people from all around this world submit photographs. This can be on the opposite side of this globe, where I am. This is a beautiful image of what might be a family heading home, or maybe going somewhere else. The mood which is being transported in this frame tells a big story - we don’t need to have details. We love this photo and would like to thank the photographer for submitting it to this Child Photo Competition.

Photographers Comment

Photo taken by John Shingleton, Australian,fromTerrigal, New South Wales, Australia. Photo taken in northern Romania on a backroad. Scenes such as this are still common in Romania. I drove past the family and parked at the top of the hill and then walked down until I found a location where the photo would include the hills in the background, the crucifix, and the village and then waited for the family to arrive. Taken with a Leica Q.