Black-And-White Photo Competition 3 2018 : Entry Number 135

Judges Comment

Half full or half empty. First we think it’s an underwater photography, then we wonder what we’re looking at. This photograph has beautiful silvery tones, a playful take on photography and a few details in the backgropund that will keep the eye occupied and pleased for a while. Very well done! This is the winner of the I-SHOT-IT competition.

Photographers Comment

I'm Alain Laboile, a French sculptor and photographer. Since 2006 I daily document the life of my big family of eight in South France. My kids are homeschooled and spend most of their time outdoor.That pic was taken during Summer 2018. My son was diving into our natural pool. It's a flipped image. When you look at the surface, you watch the sky. When Merlin dives, he dives into the sky, the clouds and the trees. In a spatter, he crosses the skin of the sky. Camera : Leica Q + 28mm lens