Horse Photo Competition 1 2018 : Entry Number 51

Judges Comment

This is such a whimsical and magical photo, and I truly hope it is not a composite, but is, in fact, the real deal ... that you had this stunning draft horse actually walking down this narrow cobblestoned street. I can almost hear his hooves on the bricks! Sheer whimsy! ...and and truly wonderful job in post. Nicely done. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much, dear Illona! And of course that's not a composite, we photographed the "Schwarzwälder Fuchs" "Sancho" one morning on the historic bridge "Krämerbrücke" in Erfurt, Germany, and he did a great job. For us it was a very special and a bit magical moment too. Sancho only had one neck ring that I removed in post-processing in Photoshop...