Landscape Photo Competition 2016 No 3 : Entry Number 151

Judges Comment

Well, let's talk about dramatic atmosphere! I love the movement in the waves, the almost 1 second exposure… You have amazing contrast in this image, you have developed it pretty well…So why did this not win? There certainly is plenty winning matter in this shot, you are so close. I feel the foreground rocks are unfortunately cropped off, they become a little chaotic, breaking the peace of the rest of this photograph, and the highlights in the surf are a little out of balance with those in the sky. Great effort and lovely atmosphere all the same, well done.

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much for this mark of excellence. Appreciated. My name is Sami Kohonen, landscape photo enthusiast from Finland. i agree with Judges comments with the foreground stones. This shot was taken in Iceland on the beach of Vik on a very harsh conditions. Running in and out with the waves crashing in, i didn't always gave me the time that i wanted for the perfect composition. Force of nature was definitely present and one feels himself very small when that force is rushing in. Yet for the very small gliding moment sun peaked between the clouds and gave some softness to this image. Taken with Nikon D750.