Dog Photo Competition 6 2015 : Entry Number 90

Judges Comment

let me first say that this has probably been the most difficult I Shot It Dog Photo Competition to judge thus far. EVERY photo in these top ten is a winner, and there is simply no way to rank them in any way. they are ALL winners. the choice to convert this image to black-and-white certainly makes it stronger, making the lines and elements simpler and drawing our eye immediately to the incredible expression on this Boston. fabulous, strong framing. well done! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

My name is Jessica and I'm from Quebec City, Canada. I took this picture of my dog while I was working. She loves to chase the sun all over the house and, when I looked at her that day, she really seemed to be enjoying the sunrays. This was taken with my Nikon D750 and a 50 mm f1.4. All I did was convert the picture to black and white and add some darkness in the shadow to direct the viewer’s eyes on the dog.