Horse Photo Competition 1 2014 : Entry Number 130

Judges Comment

this is an absolutely beautiful image of a gorgeous horse. adopting the low angle, almost at water level, makes the viewer feel they are part of the scene. one can almost smell the horse across the water and hear the splash of him pawing at the water. the choice of converting to black and white make the lines of the horse stand out even more against the dark background. beautifully done! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank you Inga for your nice comment and the Mark of excellence. I feel honored to receive this award. My Name is Friederike and I come from Germany (Essen). Horse photography has been my passion for several years. The picture shows the 9-years old PRE stallion called „Aquiles“. He is very beautiful and has a strong and friendly character. The photo was taken in a gravel pond. To achieve the low angle, I walked deeply into the water. This was a (worthwhile) challenge with the heavy camera equipment and the water current :) The photo reflects one of the best moments of the shooting. I especially like that Aquiles seems to enjoy his slow and quiet walk through the water. I decided to convert the picture into a black and white photo because this style enhances the atmosphere. I worked with my beloved 1Dx and the 70-200mm 2,8. Exifs: Manual mode, ISO 200, f4,0, 200mm and 1/1250. The picture was edited by LR. If you are interested in more photos click on the link. :) Best wishes, Friederike