500,000 Facebook Likes - Selfie Competition Voting : Entry Number 25

Photographers Comment

That's me, on the left ! ;-) My name is Adria Ellis and I am an artist and a photographer. I took this image last March in Varanasi India with my iPhone 5S. It's a pretty straight shot, I lightened the faces just a tad but thats about it. Snapseed is my goto App for fine tuning. I use to have big cameras and gear and things like that but for me Less is more. I spent three weeks in India on a photography pilgrimage with two iPhones. It's hard to have a favorite in India but if I win this contest I would like to spend a month in Varanasi. For me it's the people. This man is a Sadhu, or Baba - he's a holy man. Very few possesions and committed to releasing Karma. He was generous with his time, loved being photographed and offered me his blessing and coconut shavings. When I return I will bring him this picture.