Mobile Phone Panorama Competition #3 : Entry Number 40

Judges Comment

Wonderful ambiguity about the composition; there are almost three separate photographs here with left and right views of the path looking like they are completely different paths! The underpass cutting down the middle is a great element with its symmetrical position. Despite the symmetrical structure, the image itself has a great deal of variety and almost randomness.

Photographers Comment

I'm honored my photo was selected! My name is John and I'm a Liverpudlian that has made the U.S my home for the last 20 years, with the last 10 in Washington, D.C. The image was taken with my iPhone 5S using the the built in camera app and its panorama setting. The image was taken in Dupont Circle, Washington DC and was the last image of the day, a quick stop before heading to the Metro. I have stopped at this spot a couple of times but have never been happy with the results. This time I really liked how the underpass split the image into two halves. I have numerous cameras but I love my iPhone and have enjoyed taking pictures with it since the first one came out in 2007.