Mobile Phone Panorama Competition #3 : Entry Number 36

Judges Comment

Great vertical, with a strong blue sky and its almost abstract in what it is representing, really nice image with rich colours.

Photographers Comment

My name is Heather Sprague, and my photos come under the brand Fey LittleWing Photography. I took this particular image with my iPhone 4S, in my yard, in the high desert in California. You don't see skies anywhere else in the world, like you do in the desert, and I constantly marvel at the shapes and colors when I look up at the sky. I did run this image through two apps, but I honestly cannot tell you which ones. I make a point of this, because my process is to work intuitively with an image until I have an emotional response, rather than to memorize applications, insuring that all my photos come out looking the same. I stopped with this image when I felt not only the sensation of being pulled across the sky, but also of being pulled up into space. I hope that sensation translates to the viewer.