Mobile Phone Panorama Competition : Entry Number 40

Judges Comment

Such lovely balance and composition, with some ambiguity about the guy in the tunnel. The place portrays a sense of the bare urban environment, and while you would read it as an alienating thing, there seems some sense of familiarity about this place, almost a sense of fondness for the potential it offers the photographer.

Photographers Comment

My name is Jonathan Sisson and I took this photo with my iPhone 4s. The location is the underpass, Queens Drive in Nottingham. It's exactly the sort of place where you would expect to have your mobile phone stolen.. I was taking a panorama when the man in the shot came from behind me and walked into the photo. For post processing I only used Snapseed, with which I raised the contrast a lot to pull the textures out and selective lightening around the man in the tunnel to make him stand out better.