Premium Photo Competition 2014 2 : Entry Number 12

Judges Comment

Well done color photography in macro, which in itself is a difficult task to get right. In this photograph it all aligns with beautiful bokeh (the way the out of focus looks) and effective composition on top.

Photographers Comment

This is my favorite butterfly , the Julia, who has stolen my heart with so much personalty. She was shot with a Nikon 3200 and a Nikkor Micro 40 mm lens. (no post processing) Every year I pick a different creature to support environmental salvation for our earths friends. This years choice was pollinates, such as bees, butterflies, and other flying insects that are very important to protect for our worlds food supply. Without them we would not "bee" able to feed the world. Thank you , I shot it This entry was very important! Wildlife-Disney photographer Elizabeth Yureklier DiRosa