Landscape Photo Competition 2013 No 5 : Entry Number 72

Judges Comment

It’s a rainbow and the worthy winner of this round. Let this stunning simplistic photograph be an example to all. A rainbow, or any other one of nature’s incredible turns, make wonderful subjects for a photo, particularly for a nature photo. But you haven’t just photographed a rainbow here, you have kept your cool and found an extraordinary composition where the rainbow fits in as perfectly as a cherry. Beautiful lines and light, a fitting square format and very fine photography technique set you apart from the pack. Big congratulations, this round was pretty tough.

Photographers Comment

My name is Ronald, living in Brussels, Belgium. I took this picture while I was driving under the rain on the Belgian highway. I saw that the bad weather was about to stop and some great light waiting for me... So I decide to take the next exit and I end up in this field, stormy weather on one side, sun going out on the other side, the rainbow in between, a moment of few seconds and a picture… I used my Nex 6 with a 50 mm 1,4 Canon FD lens. Cropped and slightly enhanced in Lightroom. I’m so pleased that this picture won the first place. Thank you so much! Ron.