Black-And-White Photo Competition 3 2013 : Entry Number 374

Judges Comment

Nothing reveals if this is a new or an old photo, if they are dressed for the occasion or like that every day. And then the classic Coca Cola ad in the background. An image of American motherhood perhaps, but sweet and with a great atmosphere.
Runner up prize winner.

Photographers Comment

To begin with, a sincere "thank you" for the recognition! This photo was actually taken in August 2013, at Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton, Alberta. It was shot on Tri-X 400, and self-developed at home. That its "age" is not immediately evident is a testament to the stylistic prowess of my lovely wife (pictured above). I captured this unscripted moment of "Canadian motherhood" (well, universal motherhood, really!) while setting up for the planned shoot itself. For me, it is really the expressions of the children that make this photo something I will treasure. Congratulations to all those featured here--it is an honor to be among such fantastic photographers.