Landscape Photo Competition 2013 No 3 : Entry Number 397

Judges Comment

One of nature's remarkable moments. You have captured the atmosphere perfectly and have planned your shot so well, lightning photographs need foresight. I hope you will comment and explain the technique here, it is interesting to see the still water, which suggests a fast shutter and three lightning strikes - It looks like a long exposure captured the lightning, the first one on the right being brighter, the last one on the left the faintest? In which case there are two photographs... In any case it is a masterly shot with obvious skill and experience. Well done.

Photographers Comment

I shot this at 00.30 in the night, at one of our nice islands in outer Oslo Fjord, Norway. The thunder storm was seen from three different angles, i used a Canon 5D Mark III camera with EF 24-105 mm f/4L lens. The photo is taken at 50mm, 30 seconds shutter speed, f/9 at ISO400, a tripod, and ND16 filter. Without ND-filter the pictures became too light, due to heavy lightning! This is NOT 2 exposures , but 2 different thunder strokes in the same 30-sec shutter. It was an amazing night, and 10 minutes later, we all went into our boats because of the heavy, rainy weather. Thanks for the Mark Of Excellence! Best Regards - Jon Petter Marthinsen, Norway