Flower Photo Competition 1 2018
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

Congratulations to the photographer with such great vision! Who is this I-S-I Flower Competition winner? We love this lovely and lively composition of flowers. The added layer - maybe it has been photographed through a window, or perhaps a filter has been applied in prost-production. It works well in this image and makes it shine. There is a dreamyness to it, which takes the mind away, no matter how busy this day might be. Thank you for submitting such a wonderful capture!

Photographers Comment

Wow, thanks to the judge and i-shot-it team for this prize! My name is Kelsa and I am very honoured to have won this competition . I’m a freelance photographer based in Switzerland. One of my customers asked me to take pictures of her jewellers in a natural environment so that’s why I started to take pictures of flowers at the end of the summer As material I shoot mainly with my Nikon D500 and I’ve used my 50 mm focal lens. I didn’t use Photoshop for this shoot, as I don’t really like to retouch photos, but I’ve used a layer in my hand to add more softness in the picture. Many thanks again, this is a great encouragement for me.