Free Photo Competition 2016 Week 10
Winning Photo

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for all your votes. It is a true honor! This picture was taken at a local horse stable. I notice this bunch of young foals from the road, all staying very close to each other. If one walked away from the pack the others followed. Wanted so much to wait till all of them turned around to get a front shot of them. But as long as I was standing there at the fence, they were not going to help out. A light suddenly appeared through the clouds, and one horse turned around I guess to see if I had left. The lighting was so incredible and gone so fast, that I was fortunate enough to capture it. I used a Canon 6D with a 70x200 2.8 lens. Of course some editing in photoshop was also involved. My name is Hank Klassen and I'm a retired amateur. I would much rather take pictures every day over going golfing. Thanks again for this wonderful honor.