Horse Photo Competition 1 2015
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

this image is wonderfully unique in its angle and subject. the detail of the barbed wire is a great touch, but becomes a little lost in the yellow tones/tint of the overall image. i wonder if the tones were more natural if the barbed wire would stand out more as an element of this image ... or perhaps just edit it out so that it is not a distraction. either way, this is a unique, simple and creative shot. nicely done. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thanks so much for the recognition and the feedback! My name is Mike Hannon and I live just outside of Toronto, Canada. This photo was taken during a family vacation to California. We were in Anaheim and my wife and I decided to take a drive into the country. This photo was taken outside of the city of Orange. We were driving down this road and I saw three horses on a hill and pulled over. Surprisingly, this horse came right over and lowered his head over the barbed wire for some pets! I quickly grabbed my Ricoh GR and took this shot. The 28mm focal length worked well here and allowed me to get nice and close. Processed in Lightroom using VSCO. All the best!