Horse Photo Competition 1 2015
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

the strength in this image lies in its simplicity and unique tones .... the swirl of heated breath, the low sun's glow on the mane, forelock and ears, and the fine details of the whiskers ... all make this a fabulous image. nicely done. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

It was a grey, dark und dusty morning. More than six years ago. I went to a farm, who are breeding frisian horses and there where these wonderful mare standing in the sun and the fog. Location was Merfeld/ Dülmen in North-Rhine-Westfalen Germany. My Camara at that time was the old Canon EOS 20D and a 70-200 from Canon. Post processing was simple. Only noise-reduction, a little bit of contrast in the highlights - that´s it. Thx a lot