Horse Photo Competition 1 2015
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

what an absolutely stunning image. everything about this image makes it an instant fave but also keeps the viewer coming back for subsequent viewings. beautiful soft tones, the little spots of yellow flowers, rich textures - from the soft sky to the blowing grasses, windblown mane and dappled coat of this magnificent horse - all of it keeps our eye moving throughout, but always coming back to the main subject, the horse's face, the lifted leg and the horse's movement through this glorious landscape. beautiful seen and captured. well done! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank you for selecting my photograph as the contest winner. My name is Vedran Vidak and I live in Croatia. The photograph was made on one of my many days spent with the wild horses on the mountain Cincar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's a special photo for me because of the atmosphere made by the wind. Equipment used : Canon 5d + Canon 70-200 mm 2.8