City Competition 1 2015 - all cities!
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

This image simply vibrates with all the layers of pattern, line, and texture that combines together to work as one cohesive whole. This allows the composition to be reduced to two basic elements, the man in the shirt and the background, and yet all the activity of the pattern and texture circulates the eyes and gives the image an extended play. Well done!

Photographers Comment

Hi, my name is Roman Tripler. I'm an amateur Photographer from Hennef, Germany and I need a dictionary to write in English. For some years I start documenting the crazy and excessive five days of carnival in Cologne, Germany, at "Weiberfastnacht". These five days move joy and sorrow closest to each other and it's unique and a typical for that town. The tangled lines, the overturned beer and the possible anchor should give us a hint to this circumstances. I used a Leica M9P with a 35mm Cron IV Thank you!