Black-And-White Photo Competition 3 2013
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

The little mermaid picked up by a passionate man who believe in love at first sight? The clean tones and composition, the intensity in the kiss, as well as the fact that the legs have a shape that make it look like a mermaid makes this photo. For those who know them, we guess, it's a great shot of a moment of passion.
Runner up prize winner.

Photographers Comment

First of all, congratulations to the winner, Ernie Blarinckx, well deserved! I am very humbled that two amazing photographers, Thorsten Overgaard and Birget Krippner selected my image from so many other wonderful photos. Thanks! My name is Juan Schultz and I live in Honolulu, HI. This image of two great friends who are madly in love, wading in front of their favorite surf spot on the North Shore, Alligator Rock. I was lucky enough to capture this tender moment just two weeks before their wedding. The lighting was provided from a beautiful sunset from behind my left shoulder. Tools: Leica M9, 50mm Summilux, Silver Efex Pro 2