Black-And-White Photo Competition 3 2013
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

How did she get above the water without touching it first? That is what you think, but first and foremost the expression is what makes this image talk to us. It has a nice balance and a touch of "action photo" about it.
Runner up prize winner.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for this Mark of Excellence! My smile is wider than my face:-) My name is Rob Jenkins, originally from the UK, I now live in Hoboken, New Jersey, across the Hudson river from New York City. This image was taken with a Nikon D80, on the same Hoboken waterfront where Marlon Brando once trod, on a grey & rainy day. Originally shot in colour, I then applied a small amount of post processing in Photoshop, including the B&W conversion. My daughter jumped into the puddle so many times, that by the time I had the shot, there was no water left to jump into!!