Black-And-White Photo Competition 3 2013
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

We haven't figured out if this rather dramatic image is from the harbor, the beach or made with photoshop. But it caught our attention and we kept looking at it.

Photographers Comment

Thanks for this wonderful competition and congrats to the winner for his marvelous photo! Thank you for giving my photo a Mark of Excellence. It is called "Munich City Surfers" and was shot at the "Eisbach" in Munich, Germany. The "Eisbach" is branching off the river Isar and provides a dramatic scenery for real city surfers, jumping in the river from both sides of the stream and crossing it from one side to the other. They usually make it for only a few seconds before the river gets them. Surfers are queuing at both sides, waiting to give it a try. This is a REAL scenery, so NO PHOTOSHOP AT ALL, just a few things optimized in Lightroom with all the means available in the good old analog darkroom - added a bit more light to the face of the surfer and gave the silhouettes less light. No cropping, no manipulation whatsoever. Best wishes from Germany! Thomas Hackenberg. E-mail: [email protected]