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Photographers Comment

My name is Guenther Reissner from Austria. This is a shot of the famous Gosau Lake in the heart of Austria. I captured it in the fall and got a nice reflection of the Dachstein Peak. Some postprossing was done in LR CC.

Judges Comment

The clever square crop brings strength to this photograph. The autumn colours are lovely and real, the reflection perfectly calm. Your grad filter (or maybe it is your processing) is a little heavy, making the reflection lighter than the reality which is a little misleading, but the general tonality of this photograph is stunning.

Photographers Comment

My name is G√ľnther Reissner and I live in Austria. This shot was taken just before sunset in the fall at the Gosau Lake, with the Dachstein Peak reflecting in it beautifully. I used a wide angle lens on my Nikon D610. Postprocessing was done in LR and Color Efex Pro. Thanks for the award and congrats to the winner, well deserved.