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Judges Comment

Very lively streetlife, beautiful light and focus on the one person.

Photographers Comment

I am mostly know as Gordon frederick APP.L or fred.this was shot in centre PL in Melbourne ,around lunchtime, a busy location I was waiting for my coffee when I saw him the first shot was not there then he got 15 feet closer and it fell into place perfectly it was the last chance as people walked in front after I pushed the shutter ,loved the light too , it was shot on my new NikonD850 with a 50mm F1.8 .I am a full time pro and always out shooting life street fashion Melbourne is a good place for this any time of day there will be interesting light somewhere. it was not a difficult shot to process just knew it had to be B&W a few slight adjustments in Lightroom and spot on , I almost never go into photoshop. you can find me post a variety of work on instagram fredpixel8r, as you will see I live and breath photography all day everyday.cheers.