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Judges Comment

The drummer is the winner of the I-SHOT-IT competition. The mood, the tonality, this extraordinary photograph that seem historic from the first instant.And we can hear and feel the music! Congratulations to the winner of the I-SHOT-IT competition.

Photographers Comment

Reuben Radding here to express my gratitude to the judges and everyone involved with I-Shot-It! I took this picture of the drummer and bandleader from the amazing Soul/R&B band Empire Beats in Brooklyn, New York. I was on assignment, hired by the band to capture their electrifying performance at a club called The Way Station. The band was in the middle of "Slipped Tripped and Fell In Love," by Ann Peebles. As usual, I was working with a Leica M-P and an old Olympus T-20 flash on a cord. Mark is not one of the singers in the band, but sometimes when everything is cooking he sings along. I was at that point in the shoot where I knew I had everything I needed, so I could afford to try some things for myself. I felt like trying a slow shutter with the flash to hopefully introduce a little random magic into the frame, and it worked well with Mark howling at the moon.