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Judges Comment

Here is a strong image which has only 3 ingredients: white, grey and a few powerful strokes of black. The vast expanse of flat snow covered space is put into scale by the endless line of pylons. Your composition is precise and minimal, it is beautiful and hard and bleak, the two contrasting symmetrical halves collide and draw a strong and compelling horizon. The pylons are exactly where they must be… Great shots can look so easy but that is far from the truth. Very well done, you are the winner and in a class of your own this round.

Photographers Comment

First of all, i would like to thanks the I-SHOT-IT team and the judges. I'm really happy to win this round. I took this pic during a winter photo road trip in Iceland. The snow, the cold and really windy conditions make that kind of pic difficult to shoot. This is a long exposure taken with a Nikon D750 / 24-70 2.8 / ND filters / tripod. Thank you.