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Judges Comment

This is our absolute favourites in this competition. The warm light how it is broken through the fogged-up window, the frame from the building versus the long leaves from the plant, and the long-stemed flowers which shine through the glass. This is one fine photo presented in a most magical way. Thank you for sharing this image with I-SHOT-IT. Congratulations to the winner of the flower competition!

Photographers Comment

I'm absolutely delighted to be the winner of Flower Photo Competition. My name is Aleksandra Debiczak, I'm fully qualified photographer (Bachelor of Arts) and I work as a photography lecturer in Glasgow Kelvin College. I shot this image during my walk to Botanic Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland. As I couldn't get into the Glasshouse because it was too late I decided to look through the fogged-up window to check all the flowers inside. I think it was the perfect light that made me stop and notice these proudly standing daffodils. The large window, that separates green plant from the flowers, added the mystery that has had unique impact on the whole image. The silhouettes of daffodils with the help of backlight clearly stole the show. I captured the image with Nikon D800E with my favourite 50mm prime lens.