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Judges Comment

The most captivating feature of this image is the amazing face of this grizzled cat; the details are truly wonderful -- the half-bare nose, the short ears, but most of all the intense and stunning eyes. Wonderfully captured and managed in post. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Melody Henkel, Boston, MA, Nikon D5200, hand edits Thanks for the recognition! This cat was rescued from a hoarding situation by the shelter I work with. The precipitating event was a house fire. Ember (great name or what) was one of 3 cats to survive the fire. As you can see she was badly burned, spent several weeks at the vets. But she is the most amazingly normal cat. Moshe sweet, and friendly and inquisitive. She was adopted by an amazing couple and live a wonderful life now. And yes, her eyes are that amazing.