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Judges Comment

Fabulous! What DOESN'T work about this image? What a wonderful landscape shot ... the long shadows, the intricate patterns in the sand, the trail of footprints leading to the dog, the texture of the large rock and the smattering of clouds on the horizon ... everything keeps us moving through this image to take it all in. If i would change anything about this image, it would only be the darker sky at the horizon on the far left, as i find my eye drawn to it, when i should be staying more to the right third of the frame with the true subject of this near-perfect image. Nicely seen and wonderfully captured. Bravo! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

This photograph was captured on Bandon Beach during a road trip along the Oregon Coast. My dog (and muse) Delilah, loves the ocean. We live in Los Angeles and the dog-friendly beaches here are few and far between, and also very crowded. I think she was just as taken aback by the open space and sheer beauty of Oregon as I was. I could have watched her chase the birds all day. As the sun began to set, her long shadow and the exquisite simplicity of the scene called my name. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, this was shot at 24mm, f/8, 1/125 second and processed in Lightroom. To win first prize and also receive a Mark of Excellence is an incredible honor. I think Delilah and I will celebrate with a steak dinner. ;-) Thank you!