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Judges Comment

I was really drawn to this when I first saw it. The mixture of the slow exposure for the sense of speed from the train is great in itself but the added use of a longer exposure to really make use of the stars at night really offers the viewer 2 separate but combined sensations of movement, very good concept Well Done!

Photographers Comment

Thanks for the comment and two "Marks of Excellence" in one competition. I will try to improve this concept. Used my D300 with the Tokina 2,8/11-16mm. It was not easy to combine the different kinds of movement - by the way on the left side you can see a third kind of movement, my bicycle. It's a sandwich picture with ca. 100x30 sec for the stars, edited with starstax software and one single shot for the train. Postprocessed in Photoshop. More of my photography in flickr. Hans Georg Fischer, Germany