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Judges Comment

The I-SHOT-IT competition does not allow the judges to know anything about the submitted images other than what can be seen in the actual image. So even more interesting is this image, just by its qualities it acts as a symphony for the eye. It has so many layers of action going on. This is an immediately impressive technically performed image that comes across as genuinely made with the camera in a very unusual moment. We love the layers of information, the questions it arises. This image is a piece of art.

Photographers Comment

The photo, taken on September 17, 2010, shows US Army soldiers huddled around a Navy EOD officer who was badly injured after stepping on a land mine, thirty feet in front of me while on patrol in Kunduz, Afghanistan. They are shielding him from the rotor wash of a medivac helicopter landing nearby to take him for medical treatment. This was part of a year-long project documenting an entire wartime deployment. I’m so grateful this photo was chosen. It was one of my toughest days as a photographer and it is one of my favorite images. There are very few photos you make in your lifetime that you never really get tired of - this is one of them for me. Thank you. Damon Winter