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This one, I call "The Warrior". As in Prayer Warrior. Someone who is diligent about talking to God as an intercessor - a go-between for those who are in need. From pain. From worry. From....anything. I have been doing a lot of low-key work, lately, Mostly trying to mimic others, practicing on getting the right settings, but decided to go out on my own. Here, I placed my mom's old worn Bible on the couch, set my camera to black & white, 1/400 sec. f/2.4 iso800 and 10 sec delay. I positioned a small led light that is used to light glass displays, trying different distances and angles. Then I turned out the lights and sat on the floor and folded my hands in front of the lens at varying places until, on the very last shot, I got it just right. I use a Sony rx10iii. I live in west central Indiana Thank you for the votes.