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Judges Comment

Blowing in the wind .. The I-Shot-It team loves this capture, what lightness it brings. Abstract, yet descriptive, both of these worlds being captured. The hues are delicate, yet bold. Congratulates the winner for this I Shot It NOW! photo competition!

Photographers Comment

Many Thanks to the Jury and the I SHOT IT TEAM for choosing my photo for the first prize, this is highly appreciated! This image was taken at "Hallig Hooge" a small island in North Sea (Northern Germany) by me with my Sony Alpha 6000 camera model (Traveller E-Mount Objective, Tamron 18-200 mm). Recently I am much into icm-photography. This laundry, playfully and elegantly moved by the wind (creating very interesting shapes) was very welcome for my intention to capture the local atmosphere of the rural island in the middle of the North Sea with an often stormy weather. Best Regards, Doris Benkwitz