How do I add a title or description to my photos?

December 12th, 2016 ( Updated 7 years ago )

The aim of I SHOT IT was to create a photo competition website where the judges make a decision on the image alone, and nothing else. We don't want the judges to be influences by any title, description, or even the EXIF data. For this reason, I SHOT IT is different from photo sharing websites, where you can usually add a title and description to each of your photos.

We do receive emails asking us how to add comments to every photo, and we agree that this would make browsing the photos on our website more interesting. For now we are sticking with our original thinking. The judges must not know what camera was used to take the photo, or the story behind it, as this could influence their decision, and then they would not be make a choice on the image alone.

The only time when you are allowed to add a description of the photo is after it has been chosen as one of the winners.