Are we allowed to add watermarks?

September 20th, 2016 ( Updated 7 years ago )

We would prefer it if watermarks and logos were not added to photos. If you do add a watermark or logo to your photo it should be small and subtle and should not distract the eye from the main content of the photo.

If your watermark is too big and bold and stands out on the photo, it will probably reduce your chances of winning a competition.

If you add a watermark, please keep it small and in a corner of the photo. Use the context of the photo to choose the best location of the watermark. Using a large amount of transparency should help the watermark blend in with its surrounding and reduce the visual impact.

Ideally we do not want the judges to know who took the photo. For example if you won a competition, and then you entered another photo into a different competition with the same watermark, this could lead to a scenario where the judge does not choose your photo as the winner because the judge would know that you have already won a competition.