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Judges Comment

The color of the playground equipment draws the eye’s first attention while the stark contrast of the white snow field and the buildings helps fix the viewer to this section of the image, and finally it’s triangular shape with long edge on the bottom imparts a stable feeling. These compositional tools hold the attention long enough for the viewer to contemplate the idea of the parents and children in the cold snow and wonder about whether they played or didn’t play or maybe reminisced about when they were young, etc. This kind of engagement is what every photographer should hope to achieve with their images. The rest of the image compositionally works as a backdrop to the story and the eye can travel around via the verticals of the smokestack and building elements which repeat in the trees on the return.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much! I am so honored and humbled. I am a Russian photographer based in California. This image was taken in Vyborg, Russia 2 winters ago.