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Judges Comment

A picture that is so interesting to look at. It is almost like in a dream. Many details and shapes that repeat again and again. It seems like an unobserved moment. The child does not recognize the photographer and is completely in his own little world. The perspective is also unusual and makes this photo outstanding! Congratulations to the winner of this I-Shot-it child competition!!

Photographers Comment

First of all: Thank you so much for your choice! I feel very Honored! I'm Oriano Nicolau an Spanish photographer from Mallorca, Spain. The title of the photo is " Dreaming about stars and heaven" Photo Taken in the never ending summer days of Mallorca. All happened in a fraction, the children were playing with a sand sifter when one of them lied down just for take a bit of sunbath. Lucky I had the camera on hand and take the shot. Equipment: Canon EOS 6D + Canon 28mm 1.8./ Natural light.